Country Blooms Florist was started by my love for floral design and a desire to provide beautiful arrangements for a fair price so EVERYONE could enjoy them.

Laurel Sharp

My love of Floral design started in the Agriculture room at Woodstown High School. My Ag teacher, Cheryl Lowe, introduced me to floral design and I took to it immediately. I joined FFA and entered several competitions that involved flowers and floral design. Like most things, life happened and I left floral design behind to pursue another career path. After several years in the medical field, I came back to floral design and took a chance. I asked a girlfriend of mine on a whim if she would be willing to let me design her wedding flowers and she took a chance of her own telling me without hesitation, yes. Since then I haven't looked back and will be forever grateful to her. 

I could never do this on my own and continually have help from my family, especially my husband, 2 year old daughter, and friends. I would be nothing without all of you.

Our Vision

Our wish here at Country Blooms is to provide everyone with beautiful flowers for every occasion. We want to shower the world in blooms of every color and spread the joy they bring.

We really love what we do and hope that shows in the designs we provided to each and every one of you.

Laurel Sharp


A Little More



We are first and foremost a family business. Our children are normally running around the shop or yard, who of which we hope to take over the business one day and make it even better then it is now.

Working together...


Believe it or not, floral design can be an incredibly tricky process. Because of this, you sometimes need to ask for help! Husbands and other florists are consulted to provide you with the best and most unique techniques for your personalized designs.

We also have relationships with fantastic photographers, hair/makeup specialists, DJs, seamstresses, event planners and so many more! Please just ask us for any additional information.